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Intimate Pleasures Gift Bag

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 Intimate Pleasures Gift Bag


  1. Mini Hide & Sex Game:

    • A playful and intimate game designed to add excitement and spontaneity to your intimate moments.
  2. Metallic Handcuffs:

    • Stylish metallic handcuffs for a touch of bondage and exploration.
  3. G-Spot Vibe:

    • A specially designed vibrator to provide targeted stimulation to the G-spot for heightened pleasure.
  4. Sex Voucher Booklet:

    • A booklet containing intimate vouchers for various activities, adding a fun and adventurous element to your relationship.
  5. Sexy Scratcher:

    • A scratch-off card with romantic and sexy suggestions for a playful and spontaneous experience.
  6. Body Chocolate Jar (1.35oz/40ml):

    • A jar of body chocolate for sensual and delicious body painting.
  7. Body Chocolate Game & Brush:

    • A game involving body chocolate and a brush for an intimate and sweet exploration.
  8. Massage Oil Candle:

    • A candle that transforms into massage oil when melted, creating a sensual and aromatic experience.
  9. Red Blindfold:

    • A red blindfold to heighten sensory experiences and add an element of surprise to intimate moments.

The Intimate Pleasures Gift Bag is a carefully curated collection of items designed to enhance intimacy, communication, and pleasure in a romantic relationship. From games and vouchers to sensual accessories and body treats, this gift bag provides a variety of options for couples looking to explore and connect on a deeper level.

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