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Anal Starter Anal Plug 6" by Doc Johnson

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Color: Pink


Anal exploration with the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Starter. This beautifully designed anal toy is perfect for those who are new to anal play or for anyone who prefers a gentler, more comfortable experience. Made from soft, flexible material, this anal starter is crafted to provide an authentic and pleasurable sensation, ideal for unlocking new levels of intimate pleasure.

  • Soft and Flexible Texture: The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter is made from a soft and pliable material, providing a comfortable experience, especially for beginners.

  • Realistic Design: Featuring a realistic head and a veined, slender shaft, this anal toy offers an authentic feel, enhancing the pleasure and excitement of your anal adventures.

  • Flared Base for Safety: The flared base of the toy ensures safe play, preventing it from going too deep and making it easy to handle during use.

  • High-Quality, Body-Safe Material: Constructed from phthalate-free materials, this anal starter is safe for your body. Additionally, it incorporates Doc Johnson's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula, ensuring cleanliness and peace of mind.

  • Perfect Dimensions for Beginners: Measuring 6 inches (15.24cm) in total length, with an insertable length of 4.75 inches (12.06cm) and a circumference of 3.14 inches (7.97cm), this toy offers just the right size for those starting their anal play journey.

  • Latex-Free, Non-Toxic, and Cadmium-Free: The anal starter is not only phthalate-free but also free from latex, non-toxic, and cadmium-free, making it a safe choice for sensitive users.


The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Starter is a classic and essential addition to your collection, especially if you're looking to explore the pleasurable world of anal play. Its user-friendly design, combined with its high-quality, body-safe materials, makes it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced users seeking comfort and safety in their anal adventures. Experience new heights of pleasure and embark on an unforgettable journey with this exquisite and sensually fulfilling anal toy.

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