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Numb AF Anal Numbing Cream Spearmint by Little Genie

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  1. Enhanced Pleasure: NUMB AF is designed to elevate the pleasure of anal experiences by providing a gentle numbing sensation upon contact. It aims to create a cool and comfortable feeling, enhancing the overall enjoyment of anal play.

  2. Anal Desensitizing Formula: The cream features an anal desensitizing formula that works to gently numb the area upon application, allowing for a more comfortable experience during intimate activities.

  3. Quick Activation: For optimal results, generously apply NUMB AF around the anal opening and wait for just 5 minutes. This short waiting period ensures full activation of the numbing effect, preparing you for a more pleasurable experience.

  4. Intention for Pleasure: NUMB AF is crafted with the specific intention of enhancing pleasure and comfort during sexual experiences. It is a product created to cater to lovers seeking a more enjoyable and satisfying intimate connection.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Apply a generous amount of NUMB AF around the anal opening.
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes to allow the cream to fully activate and provide the desired numbing effect.
  • Engage in intimate activities with increased comfort and pleasure.

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