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Keeping it discreet: Travel-friendly adult toy recommendations

Photo of a pair of leather hand cuffs and metal hand cuffs in a suitcase

Keeping it discreet: Travel-friendly adult toy recommendations


If you’re taking a flight for a vacation or work trip, there’s no need to leave your adult toys at home. There are many discreet, travel-friendly sex toys you can fit in your checked or carry-on luggage without raising any eyebrows. Here are a few travel-friendly toy ideas to make your next trip a more exciting adventure.


  • Travel-sized dildos. When it comes to travel-sized pleasure, a compact dildo is a great option: no power needed for them! These toys are specifically designed to be discreet and easily fit into your luggage or handbag. Look for a smaller dildo made from body-safe materials like silicone, which are lightweight, easy to clean and durable, or this versatile 4 inch G-spot and prostate durable glass dildo. And if you rather play with your penis a most discreet option for travel that does not compromise on the fun is the Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles sleeve.


  • Quiet and compact vibrators. For those who enjoy the added stimulation of vibrations, a compact vibrator from We Vibe is an ideal choice as their line is specifically created to be on the quieter side. Our pick would be the multitasker Touch X! But you prefer an insertable yet quiet vibrating dildo we recommend the fan favorite Pillow talk Kinky. If you like classics that have stand the test of time a Classix Pocket Bullet provides intense pleasure while minimizing noise levels. However, in most recent years the clit (and nipples frankly) suckers have made their entrance with a big boom, and a travel friendly option in this category would be the Wild Rose Suction vibrator: smaller than a baseball, it fits in your hand! The key to remember is to opt for models with adjustable vibration settings and rechargeable batteries, so you don't have to worry about running out of power during your travels and with their compact design, these vibrators can easily be tucked away in your luggage without drawing unwanted attention. Finally, for those who need a dildo that does the job but look nothing like a dildo, we present to you: the Lelo Dot.


  • Discreet wearable toys. Wearable toys are a fantastic option for those seeking hands-free pleasure on the go. These discreet toys can be easily worn under clothing, allowing you to indulge in secret pleasure during your travels. You can control your or your partners settings with a remote or from an app on your smartphone. The Moxie is fantastic toy: for him and him, him and her and her and her! Just remember to remove them before walking through airport metal detectors. And if you don’t really care about the noise you just want the most compact toys ever to fit your carry-on: how about a vibrating cock ring and finger vibe? Then the Bang Couple Kit is what you are looking for!


  • Multi-function toys. When travelling, luggage space is often limited. So if you’re the kind that can’t decide on what to bring, here are some option to help you make the most of your pleasure while minimizing the number of items you need to bring. Calexotics Jack Rabbit Rotating Vibrator offers a range of sensations, combining various features like vibration, rotation, and pulsation. Adam and Eve Triple Joy is an anal toy, a thruster, and a clit vibrator all-in-one toy! And finally this Revel Galaxy is a very compact rabbit type that offers 10 exhilarating vibration patterns. Whether you prefer internal or external stimulation, multi-function toys provide a customizable experience that caters to your desires.


Adult toy travel tips

Keep these travel tips in mind when packing your vibrating dildo or other adult toys:


  • Check local laws and regulations regarding adult toys when travelling, as some countries prohibit the import of sex toys.


  • Remove the batteries or use travel locks to prevent accidental activation during transit.


  • Pack your adult toys in a separate travel pouch for easy removal if your bag needs to be checked.


  • If a customs officer demands to check your luggage, you can request a private screening so your adult toys won’t be on display.


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