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Yum Yum Emoji Bum Suckers by Little Geenie

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Sweet and playful snacking experience with the Yum Yum Emoji Bum Suckers. These assorted-flavor suckers are not only tasty but also come in amusing emoji bum shapes, adding a fun and lighthearted twist to your treat time.

  1. Assorted Flavors:

    • Enjoy a variety of delicious flavors that add excitement to your snacking experience. Each sucker is a delightful surprise for your taste buds.
  2. Emoji Bum Shapes:

    • The playful design features emoji bum shapes, making these suckers a whimsical and amusing addition to your candy collection.
  3. Individually Sold:

    • Each Yum Yum Emoji Bum Sucker is sold individually, allowing you to try different flavors and enjoy a variety of sweet treats.

How to Enjoy:

  1. Assorted Flavors:

    • Explore the assortment of flavors in each sucker, discovering a mix of sweet tastes with every bite.
  2. Lighthearted Design:

    • Embrace the fun and laughter as you enjoy these emoji bum-shaped suckers, making snack time a playful experience.
  3. Party Favors:

    • Include these individually wrapped suckers as part of party favors for events, birthdays, or celebrations, adding a touch of whimsy.


  • The Yum Yum Emoji Bum Suckers are designed for general snacking enjoyment and may contain playful or amusing elements. They are not intended for explicit content.

Add a touch of playfulness to your candy stash with the Yum Yum Emoji Bum Suckers – a collection of assorted-flavor suckers that bring smiles and sweet moments to your snacking routine!

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