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Wicked Twister Anal Vibrating Plug by Zero Tolerance

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Color: Navy


  1. Swirly Textured Design:

    • Immerse yourself in the luxurious swirly textures that adorn this butt plug. Each swirl creates a smooth and titillating entry, enhancing your sensual journey with exquisite sensations.
  2. 10 Powerful Vibrating Speeds & Functions:

    • Elevate your pleasure with a variety of vibrating speeds and functions. Choose the intensity that resonates with your desires, allowing you to customize your experience for maximum satisfaction.
  3. Flexible Stem for Body Movement:

    • The flexible stem of the butt plug moves with your body, providing a comfortable and adaptive fit. Enjoy unrestricted pleasure as you explore the depths of backdoor stimulation.
  4. Wide Handle for Safety and Control:

    • The wide handle serves a dual purpose — it acts as a safety base to prevent over-insertion and provides easy navigation and control during use. Prioritize safety and confidence in your intimate moments.
  5. Silky Smooth Silicone Construction:

    • Crafted from silky smooth silicone, this butt plug offers a luxurious and velvety touch. The body-safe material ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
  6. Remote Control for Convenience:

    • Operate the butt plug directly or use the convenient remote control for hands-free pleasure. The remote has a range of up to 25 feet, allowing you to explore new dimensions of intimacy.
  7. User-Friendly Controls with LED Illumination:

    • The easy-to-use 1-button control on the butt plug and the 2-button control on the remote make navigation effortless. LED lights illuminate the buttons on the plug and remote, adding a visually stimulating element.
  8. Waterproof and Submersible:

    • Dive into aquatic adventures with confidence, as this butt plug is completely waterproof and submersible. Explore the pleasures of water play for an added dimension of excitement.
  9. Rechargeable for Sustainable Pleasure:

    • Stay powered up for pleasure with the rechargeable design. The included USB cable ensures convenient charging, eliminating the need for batteries.
  10. Phthalate-Free and Latex-Free:

    • Prioritize your well-being with a butt plug that is phthalate-free and latex-free, offering a body-safe and worry-free experience.

How to Maximize Your Pleasure:

  • Before use, apply water-based lubricant to the swirly textures and the anal opening for enhanced comfort. Experiment with different speeds and functions to discover your ideal combination.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Ensure the longevity of your butt plug by cleaning it thoroughly before and after each use. Use a dedicated sex toy cleaner and warm water for easy maintenance.

Embark on an intimate journey of pleasure with the Swirly Textured Vibrating Butt Plug. Whether you're a beginner or experienced enthusiast, this anal pleasure device is designed to take your sensual experiences to new heights. Enjoy the exquisite swirly textures, powerful vibrations, and versatile features that make this butt plug a delightful addition to your collection.

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