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Shit Face Sucker Shit Happens by Hott Products

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  1. Chocolate Flavored Lollipop:

    • Delight in the unique and humorous Shit Face Chocolate Flavored Lollipop, offering a fun twist to traditional lollipops.
  2. Pile of Poop Shape:

    • Features a lollipop in the shape of a pile of poop with a face, adding a humorous and playful element to the treat.
  3. Ingredients:

    • Sugar: Sweetens the lollipop, providing a sugary taste.
    • Glucose Syrup: Adds sweetness and texture to the lollipop.
    • Water: A component in the lollipop formulation.
    • Artificial Flavors: Impart a chocolate flavor to the lollipop.
    • Artificial Colors (FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Yellow 6, Titanium Dioxide): Provide color to the lollipop, creating the appearance of a pile of poop.

Note: It's important to be mindful of individual sensitivities and potential reactions to artificial colors or flavors.

The Shit Face Chocolate Flavored Lollipop is a playful and humorous treat shaped like a pile of poop with a face. Enjoy the chocolate flavor while embracing the quirky design for a lighthearted and amusing experience. Ingredients such as sugar, glucose syrup, water, artificial flavors, and artificial colors contribute to the overall taste and appearance of the lollipop. Always check for any specific dietary considerations or sensitivities before indulging in novelty treats.


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