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Saffron Layer Paddle by Sportsheets

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Color: Red



  1. Triple-Layered Design: The paddle features three layers of vegan leather, creating a dramatic sound upon impact. The layered construction adds intensity to each slap, arousing a red hue on the recipient's flesh and enhancing the overall sensory experience.

  2. Vegan Leather Material (PU Leather): Crafted from vegan leather, specifically PU leather, the paddle aligns with cruelty-free principles while providing a durable and effective material for impact play. Vegan leather mimics the look and feel of traditional leather without using animal products.

  3. Encourages "Subspace": The impact tool is designed to encourage the recipient towards "subspace," a state of heightened submission and pleasure often experienced during BDSM activities. The intense sensations from the layered design contribute to this psychological and physical experience.

  4. Romantic Sadism: The product is described as a tool for the powerful and merciful sadist to romantically guide their partner deeper into an appreciation of pain and pleasure. It suggests a consensual and intimate exploration of BDSM dynamics.

  5. Wrist Loop for Security: The handle of the paddle is equipped with a wrist loop, adding a practical element by enhancing security during use. Additionally, the wrist loop serves as a hanging point for storage, providing convenience when not in use.

The Saffron Layer Paddle is positioned as an impactful and versatile BDSM tool with its triple-layered design, vegan leather construction, and features that cater to both sensory intensity and practicality. The emphasis on encouraging "subspace" and the interplay of power dynamics reflects its role in consensual and intimate BDSM experiences.

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