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Rodeo Bucker Vibrating Cock Ring by Screaming O

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Color: Purple


  1. Vibrating Ring with Ride Control:

    • The Rodeo Bucker cock ring features a vibrating design with a ride control feature, allowing users to customize their experience during intimate moments.
  2. Finger Loop for Position Control:

    • Equipped with a top finger loop, the cock ring enables precise control over its position and pressure, ensuring a comfortable and tailored fit.
  3. Super Stretchy Comfort Ring:

    • The bottom ring is super stretchy, providing a comfortable fit that ropes around the shaft and testicles without feeling tight.
  4. Multi-Function Mini Motor:

    • The mini motor embedded in the cock ring offers three-speed vibrations and a wild ride pulse mode, delivering versatile sensations for added pleasure.
  5. Customized Roll in the Hay:

    • With the ability to control the position, pressure, and vibration intensity, the Rodeo Bucker cock ring allows couples to enjoy a customized and thrilling experience.
  6. Reusable:

    • The cock ring is reusable, allowing for multiple uses and adventures.
  7. Replaceable AG13 Batteries:

    • Powered by replaceable AG13 batteries, the cock ring ensures a reliable and convenient power source for 30+ minutes of use.
  8. Body-Safe SEBS Material:

    • Made from SEBS (Styrene-Ethylene/Butylene-Styrene) material, the cock ring is body-safe, latex-free, and phthalate-free for peace of mind.
  9. Wireless and Water Resistant:

    • The wireless design of the Rodeo Bucker cock ring provides freedom of movement, and its water-resistant feature adds versatility for use in different environments, including the shower.

Take control of your pleasure with the Rodeo Bucker Cock Ring. With a vibrating ride control, finger loop for position control, and super stretchy comfort ring, this versatile accessory enhances intimate moments for couples. The multi-function mini motor adds excitement, making it a reusable and water-resistant choice for personalized pleasure.

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