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Ring Slayer Crop by Sportsheets

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Color: Black



  1. Vegan Leather Handle: The Ring Slayer Crop features a handle made from vegan leather, providing a cruelty-free and durable option for BDSM enthusiasts who appreciate the look and feel of leather alternatives.

  2. Nitrile Ring Tip: The crop is equipped with a nitrile ring tip, offering a unique sensation during impact play. Nitrile provides a firm yet flexible material for the tip, allowing for varied sensations depending on the intensity of use.

  3. Firm Shaft: With a firm shaft, this crop provides precise control and impact during play. The firmness ensures that the wielder can deliver sensations ranging from gentle strokes to more intense impacts, catering to different preferences.

  4. Handle Length: The handle has a length of 7.75" (19.69cm), offering a comfortable grip for the wielder. The length is designed for ease of use and control during impact play.

  5. Stem Length: The stem of the crop measures 16" (40.64cm), providing a balanced reach for effective impact play. The length of the stem contributes to the overall versatility of the crop.

  6. Head Length: The crop features a head length of 2" (5.08cm), creating a concentrated impact area for precise sensations. The size of the head allows for focused impact and varied play.

  7. Total Length: The Ring Slayer Crop has a total length of 25.75" (65.41cm), making it suitable for users who appreciate a longer reach and versatile impact play options.


  • Handle Length: 7.75" (19.69cm)
  • Stem Length: 16" (40.64cm)
  • Head Length: 2" (5.08cm)
  • Total Length: 25.75" (65.41cm)

Experience a blend of cruelty-free materials and versatile impact play with the Ring Slayer Crop. The combination of the vegan leather handle, nitrile ring tip, and well-measured dimensions makes it a unique and effective accessory for BDSM enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality.

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