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Reversible Blindfold Fuck Me Or Fuck Off by Icon

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Color: Grey


  1. Say it with Silk:

    • The Silken Seduction Reversible Explicit Message Blindfold allows you to convey your desires with a touch of luxury.
    • Crafted from silk, this blindfold offers a sensual and indulgent experience.
  2. Explicit Messages:

    • One side of the blindfold boldly says "Fuck Me," while the other side says "Fuck You."
    • Provides a direct and explicit means of communication for expressing desires in a playful manner.
  3. Clear Communication:

    • Clearly communicates whether you want to be left breathless ("Fuck Me") or left alone ("Fuck You").
    • Adds a touch of humor and boldness to intimate moments.
  4. Reversible Design:

    • The reversible design offers versatility and variety in expressing desires.
    • Allows users to switch between messages based on their mood and preferences.
  5. Luxurious Silk Material:

    • Crafted from luxurious silk material for a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.
    • Elevates the overall sensory experience for both partners.
  6. Fun and Playful:

    • The Silken Seduction Blindfold adds a fun and playful element to your intimate encounters.
    • Sparks creativity and enhances the connection between partners.
  7. Comfortable for Extended Wear:

    • Designed for comfort, making it suitable for extended wear during prolonged sessions.
    • Ensures a pleasurable experience without compromising on comfort.
  8. Affordable Elegance:

    • Combines elegance with affordability, making it an accessible accessory for individuals and couples.
    • Offers a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.
  9. Ideal for Clear Communication:

    • Ideal for situations where clear and explicit communication is desired.
    • Facilitates open discussions about desires and preferences.
  10. Compact and Portable:

    • The blindfold is compact and easy to carry, allowing for on-the-go adventures and spontaneous use.
    • Convenient for travel or discreet storage.

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