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Back Door Water Based Lubricant by Pjur®

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  1. Specially Designed for Anal Penetrations:

    • The lubricant is explicitly formulated for anal penetrations, indicating a focus on addressing the unique needs and challenges associated with anal play. This may involve features such as enhanced thickness or additional ingredients for increased comfort during anal activities.
  2. Extra Moisturizing Properties with Hyaluron:

    • An added feature is the incorporation of hyaluron, suggesting extra moisturizing properties. Hyaluronic acid is known for its hydrating capabilities, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable experience. The inclusion of hyaluron implies a focus on providing additional moisture during use.
  3. Does Not Dry Out:

    • The product emphasizes that it does not dry out, indicating a sustained and long-lasting effect. This feature is crucial for maintaining comfort and lubrication during extended periods of use.

Note: Water-based lubricants are generally compatible with various materials, including condoms and sex toys. The inclusion of hyaluron further enhances the moisturizing properties, making it suitable for activities that may require extended lubrication.

Back Door Water-Based Lubricant appears to be positioned as a specialized option for anal play, offering a combination of water-based benefits, moisturizing properties with hyaluron, and a formulation designed to avoid drying out during use.

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