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Petite Panty Teaser by Cal Exotics

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Color: Black


  1. Revolutionary Remote-Controlled Pleasure:

    • Featuring Lock-N-Play™ technology, this stimulator is designed to discreetly nestle for a thrilling and remote-controlled experience.
  2. Petite and Perfectly Sized:

    • The petite stimulator is perfectly sized for use in any panty, providing a comfortable fit and targeted pleasure.
    • Ultra-strong magnetic tabs fold into place, ensuring secure positioning during play.
  3. Elevated Curve with Sensuous Ridges:

    • The design includes an elevated curve with sensuously detailed ridges, directing intensely powerful vibrations to your sweet spot with pinpoint accuracy.
  4. Stylish and Ergonomic Remote Control:

    • The included remote control is petite, discreet, and ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand.
    • A single press of the button activates wave upon wave of unbridled pleasure.
  5. 12 Functions and Extended Range:

    • Choose from 12 functions of vibration with an extended range of almost 33 feet (10 meters), providing exciting possibilities for adventurous play.
  6. Versatile Solo Play:

    • The stimulator can be used independently of the remote for solo play, featuring an automatic start button and an easy-press function button for convenience.
  7. Mutual Pleasure Architecture:

    • Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure, this stimulator enhances intimacy and connection between partners.
  8. Easy Operation Even in the Dark:

    • Designed for easy use, operation is a snap even in the darkest night.
    • Frustration-free and perfect for pleasure, just one push brings intense stimulation your way.
  9. Wire-Free and Self-Contained:

    • No fuss, no wires – this item is 100% self-contained, providing a hassle-free and wire-free experience for uninterrupted pleasure.

Take back the night and immerse yourself in pleasure with the Lock-N-Play™ Remote Petite Panty Teaser. Whether used as your own little secret or to ignite fireworks between you and your lover, this powerful toy is designed for satisfaction and excitement with just a click. Thoughtfully crafted for mutual pleasure, it ensures you make the most of your intimate moments. Enjoy frustration-free and intense stimulation with the convenience of easy operation, even in the darkest night. Elevate your pleasure with this stylish and innovative addition to your intimate collection.

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