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Gripper Nipple Suckers by Oxballs

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Gripper Nipple Suckers from Oxballs — the perfect addition to your foreplay arsenal. These compact yet powerful toys create an intense suction experience, enhancing nipple stimulation for a unique and pleasurable sensation.

  1. Extreme Suction with Mini Chambers: The Gripper Nipple Suckers are designed to create extreme suction, allowing your nipples to pull and plump. The two mini chambers in each sucker effectively trap air, intensifying the sucking sensation and heightening pleasure during foreplay.

  2. Convenient Handle for Playful Interaction: Each sucker features a small handle, adding a playful element to your foreplay. Use the handles for pulling, flicking, and teasing, allowing you to customize the experience and explore different sensations.

  3. Easy Application: Applying the Gripper Nipple Suckers is a breeze. Simply wet the base, squeeze out the air from the chambers, and stick them onto your nipples. Once in place, you can enjoy the sensual sucking sensation that ensues.

  4. Soft and Squishy Material: Crafted from FLEX-TPR, these nipple suckers provide a soft and squishy texture against your skin. The material enhances comfort while ensuring a snug fit, allowing you to focus on the pleasure without any discomfort.

  5. Phthalate-Free: Your safety is a priority. The Gripper Nipple Suckers are made of FLEX-TPR, a phthalate-free material, ensuring a body-safe and enjoyable experience.

Elevate your foreplay experience with the Gripper Nipple Suckers. Whether you're exploring solo or with a partner, the intense suction, convenient handles, and soft material make these suckers a delightful addition to your collection. Dive into the world of pleasure and sensation with these compact yet powerful toys designed to enhance your intimate moments.

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