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Over The Door Cross by Lux Fetish

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Color: Black


The Over The Door Cross by Lux Fetish is a versatile and convenient piece of BDSM equipment designed to provide the experience of a Saint Andrews Cross. 

  • Design: Modeled after the classic Saint Andrews Cross commonly found in BDSM dungeons, this over-the-door version is designed for ease of use and versatility.

  • Adjustability: The cross is fully adjustable to fit most internal household doors, making it accessible and suitable for users of various heights.

  • Detachable Cuffs: The included cuffs are detachable, providing flexibility in use and allowing users to explore different positions. The cuffs come with adjustable fastenings to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

  • D-Rings: The cross features multiple D-rings, providing attachment points for the cuffs and allowing for a variety of positions during BDSM play.

This Over The Door Cross offers a convenient and discreet way to enjoy BDSM experiences in the comfort of your own home, bringing the excitement of dungeon equipment to your personal space.

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