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Ouch Pain Leather Suede Barbed Wire Flogger #epai013bl

Ouch Pain Leather Suede Barbed Wire Flogger #epai013bl

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Key feature

  • This beautifully crafted, real LEATHER/SUEDE BARBED WIRE FLOGGER, has an intimidating design designed to strike fear into any unruly sub!
  • The 12 integrated barbs deliver light scratches when used lightly but with a heavier hand, they really are a force to be reckoned with. The additional 36 kinky suede tails make an impressive sound during role play! Made from high-quality real leather, the flogger consists of 36 finely crafted suede tails and 12 faux barbed barbs.
  • Equipped with an exquisite non-slip handle and wrist loop for optimum control, this flogger is a great addition to any BDSM collection!
  • The total length of this highly desirable flogger is 76cm (30”) including 24cm (9.5”) for the handle. The weight comes in at a hefty 410 grams (15oz).

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