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Pain Leather Barbed Wire Flogger by Shots

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Color: Black



  1. Genuine Leather with Barbed-Wire Design: The Pain Leather Barbed Wire Flogger is a beautifully crafted accessory made from genuine leather, featuring an intimidating barbed-wire design. The integrated leather barbs provide a dual sensation—scratching and tickling when used lightly, and a more intense experience with a heavier hand.

  2. High-Quality Real Leather: Crafted from high-quality real leather, this flogger ensures durability, authenticity, and a premium feel. The material enhances the overall sensory experience, making it a desirable choice for BDSM enthusiasts.

  3. 36 Finely Plaited Tails: The flogger consists of 36 finely plaited tails, each adorned with embellished barbed wire knots. This intricate design adds to the visual appeal and contributes to the unique and immersive nature of the flogger.

  4. Exquisite Non-Slip Handle: Equipped with an exquisite non-slip handle, the flogger provides optimum control during use. The handle design enhances grip and precision, allowing for a comfortable and commanding experience for the wielder.

  5. Wrist Loop for Optimum Control: A wrist loop is included for added control, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip. This feature enhances safety and ease of use, especially during more intense BDSM sessions.

  6. Total Length: The total length of this OUCH! flogger is 77cm (30.3 inches), including the 24cm (9.5 inches) handle. The substantial length makes it suitable for a variety of impact play scenarios.

  7. Hefty Weight: Weighing a hefty 600 grams, this flogger delivers a substantial and impactful experience, catering to those who desire a more intense and weighted sensation.


  • Total Length: 77cm (30.3 inches) including the 24cm (9.5 inches) handle
  • Weight: 600 grams

Experience the fusion of fear and desire with the Pain Leather Barbed Wire Flogger—a beautifully crafted, genuine leather accessory designed to strike fear into your sub. With its intricate design, high-quality construction, and substantial weight, it stands out as a powerful addition to any BDSM collection.

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