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Ouch Crop Rectangle & Lace by Shots

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Color: Red


Product: Ouch Crop Rectangle & Lace

Key Features:

  1. Heart-Shaped Crop: The Ouch Crop Rectangle & Lace features a short-handled, heart-shaped crop, adding a touch of romantic and playful aesthetics to your disciplinary activities. The heart shape offers a unique and visually appealing design for impact play.

  2. Black Lace Embellishment: The crop is adorned with black lace embellishment, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a sensual and elegant look. The combination of the heart shape and lace adds a romantic and intimate element to the disciplinary experience.

  3. Discipline and Play: Designed as a disciplinary tool, this heart-shaped crop is a perfect way to add structure and authority to your intimate moments. The short handle ensures precise control, allowing for a range of sensations during play.

  4. Short Handle: The crop features a short handle for ease of use and maneuverability. The compact design provides the wielder with the control needed for targeted impact, making it suitable for various BDSM scenarios.

  5. Romantic Aesthetics: The combination of the heart shape and black lace creates a visually striking and romantic aesthetic. This makes the Ouch Crop Rectangle & Lace not only functional but also a visually pleasing accessory for intimate play.


  • Handle Length: Short handle for precise control during use.

  • Shape: Heart-shaped crop for a romantic and playful design.

  • Lace Embellishment: Black lace detailing for added visual appeal.

  • Disciplinary Tool: Designed for effective discipline and impact play.

Elevate your disciplinary experiences with the Ouch Crop Rectangle & Lace, a heart-shaped crop adorned with black lace for a romantic and sensual touch. With its short handle and unique design, this crop provides both functional discipline and aesthetic appeal in your BDSM play.

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