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Mood Pleasure For Him by Doc Johnson

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  1. Slow It Down Marathon Cream:

    • Delve into a pleasurable and prolonged experience with the Slow It Down Marathon Cream, designed to enhance stamina and slow down the pace for extended pleasure.
  2. Slick and Smooth Water-Based Body Glide:

    • Enjoy a smooth and effortless glide with the water-based body glide, ensuring a slick and pleasurable experience for intimate moments.
  3. Stroke It Right Jack Off Cream:

    • Elevate solo experiences with the Stroke It Right Jack Off Cream, crafted to provide a luxurious and stimulating sensation during self-pleasure.
  4. BJ Blast Berry Mint Gel:

    • Add a burst of excitement with the BJ Blast Berry Mint Gel, designed to enhance pleasure during oral encounters with a tingling and flavorful sensation.
  5. Plump It Up Plumping Cream:

    • Experience a plumper and more enhanced sensation with the Plump It Up Plumping Cream, providing a fuller and more satisfying experience.

Key Features:

  • Sugar-Free Formulas:

    • Each cream or gel in the set is sugar-free, allowing for guilt-free and enjoyable experiences.
  • 1oz Size Bottles:

    • Conveniently sized at 1oz per bottle, making them perfect for travel or discreet use.
  • Targeted Pleasure:

    • Each product is formulated to target specific aspects of pleasure, ensuring a personalized and satisfying encounter.
  • Variety of Sensations:

    • Explore a range of sensations, from prolonged stamina to plumping effects, offering a diverse and enjoyable experience.
  • Comprehensive Pleasure Set:

    • The Mood Pleasure Set For Him is thoughtfully curated to provide a comprehensive range of intimate sensations, enhancing pleasure and satisfaction.

Indulge in the pleasures of intimacy with the Mood Pleasure Set For Him, a collection designed to elevate sensations, enhance stamina, and create a more fulfilling experience. Explore the stimulating world of these creams and gels for unforgettable moments of pleasure.

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