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Master Series Dark Droplets Anal Plug Kit 3pk by XR

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Color: Black


  1. Three Graduated Sizes: The Dark Droplet Anal Training Set includes three droplets of varying sizes – small, medium, and large. This allows you to progress at your own pace, making it ideal for both beginners and experts. Start with the smaller droplets and work your way up to larger sizes for an expanding and satisfying experience.

  2. Ergonomic Base and Slim Necks: Each droplet is designed with an ergonomic base and slim neck, ensuring comfort during extended play sessions. The gradual increase in size from the slim neck to the widest point provides a gentle and controlled progression.

  3. Curved for Pleasure: The Dark Droplets are curved for additional pleasure and targeted stimulation. This feature is especially beneficial for reaching sensitive spots, such as the male prostate, enhancing your overall anal play experience.

  4. Premium Silicone Material: Crafted from premium, phthalate-free silicone, these Dark Droplets offer a body-safe anal experience. The silky texture of the silicone adds a luxurious feel, making each droplet addictively squeezable. Pair them with your favorite water-based lubricant for enhanced comfort and pleasure.

Set Measurements:

  • Small Droplet: Overall length 2.2 inches, insertable length 1.7 inches, widest point 0.8 inches
  • Medium Droplet: Overall length 2.7 inches, insertable length 2.2 inches, widest point 1 inch
  • Large Droplet: Overall length 2.9 inches, insertable length 2.5 inches, widest point 1.2 inches

Safety Note: Communication, relaxation, and the use of lubricant are essential components of a positive anal play experience. Gradual progression and choosing sizes based on your comfort level are crucial for a satisfying training journey.

Elevate your pleasure gradually with the Dark Droplet Anal Training Set – the perfect companion for those ready to explore, play, and train. Are you ready to experience the delightful progression these droplets have to offer?

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