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Feather Nipple Clamps by Kink Collection

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Color: White


Beginner Feathered Nipple Clamps — an ideal addition to your journey into sensory exploration and pleasure. Crafted with care, these clamps cater to all experience levels, providing both comfort and adjustable tension for a personalized and titillating experience.

Key Features:

  1. Alligator Clamp Style: Our Beginner Feathered Nipple Clamps feature the classic and versatile Alligator Clamp Style. These clamps provide a secure grip on the nipples, offering a tantalizing sensation while remaining adjustable to suit your comfort level.

  2. Metal Clips with Rubber Tips: Designed for comfort, the clamps are equipped with metal clips covered in soft rubber tips. The rubber tips ensure a gentle touch on your sensitive areas while maintaining a secure grip, allowing you to explore without sacrificing comfort.

  3. Fully Adjustable Screw Design: Tailor the experience to your liking with the fully adjustable screw design. The set screw allows you to customize the tension according to your preference, providing a perfect balance between pleasure and comfort.

  4. Polyester Feather Accent: Elevate your sensory experience with the soft touch of polyester feathers. The gentle caress of feathers adds an extra layer of titillation, making these nipple clamps perfect for teasing yourself or engaging in intimate play with a partner.

  5. Suitable for All Experience Levels: Whether you're a novice or an experienced explorer, these nipple clamps are designed to accommodate all levels of experience. The adjustable tightness and user-friendly design make them accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Indulge in the world of KINK pleasure with our Beginner Feathered Nipple Clamps. Tease, explore, and elevate your intimate moments with the adjustable features and comfortable design, ensuring a titillating experience for both beginners and seasoned adventurers alike.

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