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Garter Bustier by G-World

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Color: Red


3PC Lace Lingerie Set, a celebration of sensuality and sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed to enhance your allure, this ensemble is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. 

  1. Lace Bustier Top with Strappy Elastics:

    • Elevate your confidence with our lace bustier top adorned with strappy elastics around the bust, creating a mesmerizing and alluring pattern.
    • Adjustable straps ensure a customized and comfortable fit, allowing you to accentuate your curves with ease.
    • Attached adjustable garter straps add a touch of versatility, providing the option to pair the bustier with your favorite stockings for a complete and seductive look.
  2. High-Waisted Lace G-String with Rhinestone Buckle:

    • Embrace elegance with our high-waisted lace G-string featuring a rhinestone buckle on the sides.
    • The G-string design complements the lace bustier, creating a seamless and captivating ensemble.
    • The rhinestone buckle adds a glamorous touch, enhancing the overall sophistication of the lingerie set.
  3. Lace Leg Garters (2):

    • Complete the ensemble with lace leg garters, adding a playful and enticing element to your look.
    • These leg garters are designed to accentuate your legs and contribute to the overall allure of the lingerie set.

Material Composition:

  • Our 3PC Lace Lingerie Set is crafted from a luxurious blend of 88% Polyamide and 12% Spandex.
  • The Polyamide-Spandex blend ensures a soft, stretchy, and comfortable fit, allowing the lingerie to conform to your body's contours while providing flexibility and breathability.

Indulge in the luxurious charm of our Lace Lingerie Set and embrace the confidence that comes with wearing something truly enchanting. Perfect for special occasions or intimate moments, this set is designed to make you feel effortlessly glamorous and empowered.

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