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Fuckable Gift Bag by Little Geenie

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Color: Purple


  1. Perfect for Adult Gift-Giving: The #Fuckable Gift Bag is designed for adults who want to add a touch of humor and playfulness to their gift-giving. Ideal for making a bold statement to the one you love or desire.

  2. White Background with Pastel Purple Flocking: The combination of a white background and pastel purple flocking creates a visually striking contrast that adds an element of sophistication to the bold and daring theme.

  3. High-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, this gift bag is made of thick, sturdy cardstock paper. The quality construction ensures that your bag looks expensive and feels amazing, making it a standout choice for your adult gifts.

  4. Elegant Woven Handles: Equipped with elegant woven handles, the gift bag provides a convenient and graceful carrying experience. Present your gifts with confidence and style.

  5. Matching Metallic Stamped #Fuckable: The matching metallic stamped #Fuckable on both the front and back of the bag adds a touch of glamour and reinforces the bold and daring theme.

  6. Size Dimensions: With dimensions of 11 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches, this gift bag is the perfect size to accommodate a variety of adult products, ensuring a secure and stylish presentation.

Fun to Give, Fun to Receive: The #Fuckable Gift Bag is not just a package; it's an experience. As fun to give as it is to receive, this suggestive bag adds a playful and exciting element to your adult gift-giving occasions.

Please note: The #Fuckable Gift Bag is intended for adults only and is a unique way to add a touch of humor and boldness to your special moments.

Wrap your adult gifts in style and make a memorable statement with the #Fuckable Gift Bag from Little Genie Productions. Celebrate intimacy, love, and playfulness with a touch of daring humor that sets the tone for a uniquely memorable experience.

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