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Fetish Fantasy Series Fish Hook Gag by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Black


The thrill of keeping your lover wide open and ready for your wildest fantasies with the Fetish Fantasy Open Wide Hook Gag. The hooks, coated with rubber for comfort, provide a secure yet pleasurable experience. Adjustable straps ensure a customizable fit to accommodate various sizes, keeping your partner in the perfect position for exploration. It's a sure way to keep your lover on the line, ready to dive into the depths of your Fetish Fantasy. As a bonus, a FREE love mask is included to add an extra layer of sensory excitement to your intimate play.

  1. Open Wide Design: Keep your lover wide open, creating an enticing and vulnerable position for exploration and pleasure.

  2. Rubber-Coated Hooks: The hooks are coated with rubber for comfort, allowing for an enjoyable experience during extended play.

  3. Adjustable Straps: The adjustable straps provide a customizable fit, accommodating various sizes and ensuring a secure yet comfortable restraint.

  4. Sensory Excitement: Enhance the experience with the included FREE love mask, adding an extra layer of sensory excitement to your intimate play.

  5. Versatile Exploration: Ideal for exploring your wildest Fetish Fantasy, this open wide hook gag offers a thrilling way to take control and indulge in your desires.

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