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Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Electro Pinwheel by Pipedreams Products®

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Color: Black


Electro Pinwheel

Elevate your sensory play with the Electro Pinwheel, an electrifying twist on the classic BDSM Wartenberg device. Perfect for beginners and those seeking a thrilling yet beginner-friendly electrosex experience, this device delivers a jolt of pleasure wherever it touches.

Wartenberg Design:

    • Named after Dr. Wartenberg, known for neurology, this pinwheel offers a tingly and stimulating experience.
  1. Versatile Sensations:

    • Sharp, prickly pins create a range of sensations from a tickle to a bite, depending on the pressure applied.
  2. Dual Usage:

    • Can be used on its own as a traditional pinwheel device.
    • Plugs into the included power unit for electrifying pleasure.
  3. User-Friendly Power Unit:

    • Compact control unit with easy-to-use settings.
  4. Power Options:

    • Battery-powered (3V battery included) for convenience.
  5. Stretchy Cuff Controller:

    • Controller slips into a stretchy cuff for hands-free and easy operation.
  6. Adhesive Pad for Bipolar Current:

    • Included adhesive pad for creating a bipolar current when using the power unit.
  7. Adjustable Settings:

    • Control unit offers adjustable settings for a customized electrosex experience.
  8. Multi-Functional Control Unit:

    • Functions as a hand massager alone in "IN" mode.
    • Switch to "OUT" mode and connect to the pinwheel for electrifying play.
  9. Enhanced Sensory Play:

    • Ideal for combining with blindfolds, restraints, and other sensory play items.

Explore a new realm of pleasure with the Electro Pinwheel, adding electrifying sensations to your BDSM and sensory play experiences.

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