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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Punisher Paddle by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Black


Wrist Loop: The paddle is equipped with a wrist loop, providing a secure and convenient way to hold and control the paddle during use. The wrist loop enhances stability and maneuverability during impact play.

    Large Size: With its 20.0" length and 5.5" width, this paddle falls into the category of large-sized impact toys. The larger size can contribute to a broader impact area and potentially more intense sensations.
      Metal Studs: The paddle features metal studs, adding a textured element to the impact surface. Metal studs can enhance the tactile experience for the recipient, providing a different sensation during BDSM play.
      The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Punisher Paddle is designed for those seeking a larger-sized and more intense impact play experience. The inclusion of a wrist loop ensures better control during use, and the metal studs contribute to the overall aesthetics and sensory stimulation. This paddle is suitable for individuals who enjoy the combination of size, texture, and impact in their BDSM play.

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