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Love Harnessed Vibrator 6.25" by Evolved

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Color: Purple


  1. Strap-On Rechargeable Vibrator: The Love Harnessed Vibrator is a strap-on rechargeable vibrator designed for a variety of pleasure experiences, including couples play, role reversal, and solo use.

  2. Curved Tip for G-spot or P-spot Stimulation: The vibrator features an elegantly curved tip, perfect for targeting the G-spot in women or the P-spot in men, providing maximum penetration pleasure.

  3. Enlarged Swells for Added Girth: The shaft of the vibrator has two enlarged swells that add girth at strategic points, enhancing the overall sensation during use.

  4. Harness Compatibility: The vibrator is designed to fit snugly into most harnesses, making it ideal for partner play. It includes a 1 ¾" silicone ring that fits strap-ons securely.

  5. Submersible Capability: The Love Harnessed Vibrator is fully submersible, allowing for enjoyment in the shower or bath, adding versatility to your intimate experiences.

  6. Seven Different Powerful Vibrations: The vibrator features a powerful motor with seven different vibration functions, giving users the ability to tailor the intensity to match their mood and preferences.

  7. Luxurious Silicone Construction: Crafted from luxurious silicone, the vibrator provides a smooth and body-safe feel. The material is easy to clean with Evolved Toy Cleaner and warm water rinse.

  8. Erotic Detailed Vein Textures: The vibrator includes erotic detailed vein textures on the shaft, adding a realistic touch for an enhanced sensory experience.

  9. Dimensions:

    • Height: 6.25"
    • Depth: 3"
    • Width: 1.5"
    • Weight: 4.9 oz
    • Strap-On Base: 2 ¾"

Note: Always follow proper hygiene practices, use responsibly, and follow any provided instructions for a safe and enjoyable experience. Communication and consent are essential for any intimate activity.

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