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DTF Dice Game by Kheper Games

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  1. Naughty Actions:

    • The game includes a variety of naughty actions like Finger Taco, Blow Eggplant, and more. Each roll of the dice introduces a new and playful scenario.
  2. Roll to Win:

    • Players take turns rolling the dice, carrying out the indicated actions. The anticipation builds as you wait for that winning Finger/Okay Symbol combination.
  3. Victorious Decision:

    • The player who achieves the winning combination gets to decide how the couple proceeds to the next level of intimacy. This adds a personal and exciting element to the game.
  4. Spontaneity and Playfulness:

    • "Roll & Play: Naughty Dice Edition" encourages spontaneity and playfulness in intimate moments, creating a lighthearted atmosphere for couples.

How to Play:

  1. Roll the Dice:

    • Take turns rolling the dice and carrying out the various naughty actions indicated on each roll. Enjoy the laughter and playfulness that comes with each new scenario.
  2. Continue Rolling:

    • Keep rolling the dice until someone achieves the winning Finger/Okay Symbol combination. The anticipation and excitement build with each roll.
  3. Victorious Decision:

    • The player who rolls the winning combination gets to make the decision on how the couple proceeds to the next level of intimacy. This adds a personalized and intimate touch to the game.
  4. Enjoy the Moment:

    • Embrace the spontaneity and playfulness introduced by "Roll & Play: Naughty Dice Edition." The game is designed to add a touch of excitement and creativity to your intimate experiences.

Note: Please ensure that all participants are comfortable and consenting to engage in the game. "Roll & Play: Naughty Dice Edition" is meant to enhance the playfulness and intimacy of couples in a consensual and enjoyable manner.

Add a spark to your intimate moments with "Roll & Play: Naughty Dice Edition" – the game that turns rolling the dice into a playful and memorable experience for couples.

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