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Clean Stream Metal Toilet Enema by XR

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Color: Silver


Introducing the Clean Stream Metal Toilet Enema by XR, a premium stainless steel shower enema attachment designed for colonic irrigation at home.

  1. Push Valve Operation:

    • The enema nozzle features a push valve on the base, allowing you to start and stop the flow of water with ease. This is useful for controlling the injection of water fluids to cleanse or stimulate bowel emptying.
  2. Premium Stainless Steel:

    • Made of high-quality stainless steel, this shower enema attachment is non-porous, rust-free, and compatible with all lubricants. Stainless steel is easy to clean, sturdy, durable, and a body-safe option.
  3. Smooth Tapered Tip:

    • The attachment has a smooth and tapered tip, making anal insertion easy and comfortable. It is suitable for both men and women, providing a fulfilling enema experience.
  4. Five Spray Holes:

    • The top of the nozzle features five spray holes, increasing the contact area of water for thorough and gentle cleaning. This design reduces water pressure for a gentler spray, minimizing the risk of skin irritation.
  5. Compatibility and Easy Cleaning:

    • Compatible with LE776 and most standard shower hoses. While the enema nozzle doesn't require frequent cleaning, when needed, it can be boiled in hot water for thorough sanitization.


  • Material:
    • Premium Stainless Steel

How to Use:

  • Utilize the push valve to control the flow of water for colonic irrigation or bowel stimulation. The smooth tapered tip ensures easy insertion, and the five spray holes provide effective cleaning.

Upgrade your at-home enema experience with the Clean Stream Metal Toilet Enema by XR, offering durability, hygiene, and ease of use in a sleek stainless steel design.

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