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Chrystalino Glass Ben Wa Kegel Balls 0.9" by Shots

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Color: Blue


Premium Borosilicate Ben Wa Balls:

  1. Pelvic Floor Strengthening:

    • Crafted to enhance the strength of pelvic floor muscles, contributing to overall pelvic health.
  2. Subtle Stimulation:

    • Designed for subtle stimulation, with the intention of teasing sensations rather than an immediate orgasm.
  3. Temperature Play:

    • Made from premium borosilicate material, responsive to temperature changes for heightened sensations.
  4. Heat or Cool Sensations:

    • Placing the balls under lukewarm or cold water allows the borosilicate material to heat up or cool down, providing enhanced temperature play.
  5. Versatile Material:

    • Borosilicate glass is chosen for its durability and safety, making it suitable for intimate use.
  6. Beautiful Craftsmanship:

    • Crafted with attention to detail, the ben wa balls showcase beautiful aesthetics for a visually pleasing and sensual experience.
  7. Not Immediate Orgasmic Focus:

    • While not meant for immediate orgasms, the balls are designed to offer a gradual and teasing form of stimulation.

These Premium Borosilicate Ben Wa Balls are a thoughtfully crafted product, prioritizing pelvic health, subtle stimulation, and temperature play, all while showcasing a visually pleasing design.

Pickup available at FORT MCMURRAY 9914 KING ST

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