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Christmas Stocking with Goodies

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  1. Vibe:

    • A vibrator designed to provide pleasurable and customizable sensations for intimate play.
  2. 1oz Lube:

    • A 1-ounce bottle of lubricant for enhanced comfort and pleasure during intimate activities.
  3. Vibrating Ring:

    • A vibrating ring designed to add stimulation and excitement for both partners during intercourse.
  4. Vibrating Bullet:

    • A small, discreet vibrating bullet for versatile and targeted stimulation.
  5. Mask:

    • A mask to add an element of mystery and sensory anticipation to intimate moments.
  6. Scratch Game:

    • A scratch-off game with romantic and playful suggestions for a festive and fun experience.
  7. 1oz Toy Cleaner:

    • A 1-ounce bottle of toy cleaner to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness for your intimate accessories.

The Christmas Stocking with Goodies is a festive and playful collection of intimate items, perfect for adding warmth and excitement to the holiday season. Whether you're treating yourself or a partner, this stocking is filled with a variety of items to enhance pleasure and create memorable moments during the festive celebrations.

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