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CG Woo Hoo Personal Lubricant Unscented by Classic Erotica

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The "CG Who Hoo Personal Lubricant" is described as an unscented lubricant designed to enhance the intimate experience. 

  1. Smooth & Buttery:

    • The lubricant is designed to have a smooth and buttery texture, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
  2. Compliments pH Balance for Women:

    • Formulated to complement the pH balance specifically for women, promoting compatibility with the body's natural environment.
  3. Sugar-Free:

    • The lubricant is sugar-free, catering to those who prefer products without added sugars.
  4. Paraben-Free:

    • Free from parabens, addressing concerns for those who seek products without this type of preservative.
  5. Made with Plant-Derived Glycerin:

    • The lubricant includes plant-derived glycerin, providing a natural and plant-based element to the formula.

Additional Information:

  • The lubricant is unscented, making it suitable for individuals who prefer products without added fragrances.

Always check the product packaging for specific instructions on usage and any precautions. If you have specific concerns or questions about the product, it's advisable to refer to the packaging or contact the manufacturer for more detailed information.

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