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Snap Ball Stretcher 1.5" by C & B Gear

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Color: Black


The Snap Ball Stretcher by C & B Gear is designed to provide a unique and exhilarating experience by offering a tug downward on the scrotum.

  1. Scrotum Tugging Design:

    • When wrapped around the scrotum, the Snap Ball Stretcher imparts a gentle tug downward. This sensation can enhance pleasure and provide a unique experience during sexual activity.
  2. Testicle Retention:

    • During sexual activity, testicles often retreat upward before and during ejaculation. This ball stretcher is crafted to keep the testicles in place, creating a distinctive and heightened sensation for the wearer.
  3. Enhanced Orgasms:

    • The combination of scrotum tugging and testicle retention can contribute to enhanced orgasms for the wearer. The unique design aims to elevate pleasure and add a new dimension to intimate moments.

Usage Tips:

  • Size Consideration: Ensure that you choose the appropriate size to achieve a comfortable fit. The 1.5" diameter is a crucial factor in optimizing the experience.
  • Material Compatibility: The material used in the Snap Ball Stretcher is essential for comfort. If you have any material preferences or sensitivities, consider them during use.
  • Adjustment: The snap closure mechanism allows for adjustments to find the level of tugging that suits your preference.

Experience Pleasure Beyond Limits: The Snap Ball Stretcher 1.5" by C & B Gear is crafted to provide a distinctive and pleasurable experience. Whether you're exploring solo or incorporating it into intimate moments with a partner, this ball stretcher aims to elevate pleasure and contribute to enhanced orgasms. As with any intimate accessory, communication and comfort are key to a satisfying experience.

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