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Ball Stretcher & Optical Weight Ring 1.0" by C & B Gear

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Color: Black


  1. Versatile Design: This device serves as a combined ball stretcher, cock ring, and ball divider, providing ultimate male genital constriction for a variety of experiences.

  2. Swelling of Penis: The design is intended to create swelling of the penis, enhancing arousal and sensitivity during intimate moments.

  3. Downward Pull of Testicles: Users can expect a downward pull of the testicles, creating a unique and pleasurable sensation.

  4. Division of Testicles: The device effectively divides the testicles, adding an extra layer of stimulation and constriction.

  5. Metal Loop for Hanging Objects: Features a metal loop at the bottom, providing the option to hang weights or other objects for those interested in additional sensory experiences.

  6. Ideal for Weight Play: The metal loop is specifically designed for hanging weights and other objects, catering to users interested in weight play for added intensity.

  7. Versatile and Intense Experience: With its combined functionalities, this device offers a versatile and intense experience for individuals looking to explore different aspects of genital play.

Note: Always follow the product instructions and guidelines for safe and enjoyable use. Ensure that the chosen size and weight are suitable for personal comfort and safety.

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