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Ball Stretcher & Optical Weight Ring 1.5" by C & B Gear

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Color: Black


  1. Multi-Functional Design: This product serves as a combined ball stretcher, cock ring, and ball divider, offering a versatile accessory for male genital constriction.

  2. Swelling of Penis: The design is intended to create a swelling effect on the penis, enhancing its size and visual appeal during arousal.

  3. Downward Pull of Testicles: The product aims to pull the testicles downward, contributing to a unique sensation and appearance.

  4. Division of Testicles: Featuring a ball divider function, it works to separate the testicles, providing a distinctive experience during use.

  5. Metal Loop for Hanging Objects: The inclusion of a loop at the bottom adds versatility, allowing users to hang weights or other objects for those interested in genital weight play.

  6. Enhanced Stimulation: The combination of functions results in enhanced stimulation and visual appeal, catering to individuals seeking a more intense and varied experience.

  7. Customizable Tightness: Users can adjust the tightness of the device to suit their preferences, offering a personalized level of constriction.

  8. Ideal for BDSM and Fetish Play: The product's features make it suitable for individuals interested in BDSM activities or fetish play, providing opportunities for unique sensations and scenarios.

  9. Durable Construction: Crafted from sturdy materials, ensuring durability and longevity for extended use.

  10. Body-Safe Materials: The use of body-safe materials prioritizes user safety and comfort during intimate play.

The Combined Ball Stretcher/Cock Ring/Ball Divider with Metal Loop is designed to offer a range of sensations and experiences for individuals interested in male genital constriction and fetish play. Its multi-functional design, including the option for weight play, provides users with a customizable and stimulating accessory for their intimate moments.

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