Kinx Anal Beads Heavy Metal #b323725

Kinx Anal Beads Heavy Metal #b323725

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Key feature

  • The Heavy Metal Anal Beads will slide inside giving you a cold, filling buzz. These solid metal balls can be warmed up or cooled down for a sensual play. The balls are attached to each other with a flexible cord for easy removal.
  • They can be worn discretely where only you know they are there, or during play. They are easily retrieved by pulling gently on the metal removal loop. Feel the uncontrollable climax as you extract the wonderful solid, shiny anal beads.
  • Heavy metal anal beads are latex free, phthalate free & waterproof. With a length of 8.75”, a maximum girth of 2 ¼”, and weighing 4 ¼ oz, this one is a must have in your toy collection.
  • Solid metal balls
  • Warms & cools for sensual play

  • Includes 4 beads

  • Waterproof

  • Latex free & phthalate free

  • Easy grip loop